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Meet Ariana 

Born and raised in Southern California.  Her modern confections are based on family traditional recipes handed down three generations. 


Ariana began by her grandmother’s side when she was five years old.  Her grandmother always let her help with some of the menial tasks like getting the utensils, bowls, and pans that she needed to prepare her culinary delights.  As Ariana grew older, she was privy to actually mixing some of the recipes.  She continued honing her baking skills by helping her mother in the kitchen through her teens. 


Once Ariana began her own family, she started creating recipes of family favorite desserts in the form of cupcakes and cakes.  Self-taught and discovering that she was artistically inclined, Ariana began to bake cupcakes and cakes for family and extended family creating specialty decorations for them and their themed events. Which lead to creating Suga Shoppe.


Ariana has created a complete menu of cupcake and cake flavors that satisfy the most discriminating palates.  The flavors Suga Shoppe offers are many that are usually desserts that do not come in cake form such as; Peach Cobbler, Banana Pudding, Apple Pie; and a plethora of others. She specializes in creating specialty cupcakes, cakes, and custom flavors.  At her family’s urging, she now prepares gourmet delights for the public. Hope you become a part of this extended family and keep Suga Shoppe in mind...

                          When you crave a lil suga!...

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